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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthmas and We're Off!

Yesterday we celebrated the kids birthday and Christmas. Hence the term "Birthmas".

The day started out with a visit from Mrs. Alice K. (a camp friend of Nanna's) and she brought a pink Gap sweatshirt (with ears) for Artemis and a Gap sweater with dinosaurs on it for Max. Adorable.

In the afternoon, Aunt Bib stopped by for a visit and gave the kids a card filled with green paper. Seeing as Aunt Bib follows the blog, we'll be sure to post what we get them (when we get back).

For dinner, Nanna put on a lovely affair of roast lamb leg, authentic latin rice (chez Abuela), salads, desserts and of course lots of appetizers. The De Diegos brought a lovely floral centerpiece and of course there were Christmas crackers. We were fortunate to have Uncle Fred and Tia Ilka come as well.

The kids were spoiled with all the presents! I'll post pictures later.

We're just finishing up our preparations; travel insurance, preparing some food to take, loading the van. If all goes according to plan, we'll be pulling out of here (with the entire zoo) early tomorrow morning.

Ed has done a ton of research and purchased equipment to ensure that we will have internet access at our place in Mexico. Once that happens, we'll let you know how we can be reached. In the meantime, please don't send us any emails unless they are urgent. We will likely have internet access for our three nights in the USA (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

We'll be thinking of all of you. Until next year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where have Two Years Gone? Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago today, the litter kids were born.

On that Friday, early in the morning (12:28am to be exact), Alexander was first, followed less than a minute later by Maximilian and rounded out with Artemis. Each child gets their "own minute" even though they were born in less than three.

Nipissing Developmental Checklist 24 Months
Since the beginning, we've been using the Nipissing Developmental Checklists to track their progress against predefined milestones.

I'm pleased to announce that they are right on track!

Click on the image to enlarge.

So much so that for breakfast, they ate their weight in pancakes (official weight to be determined at their doctor's appointment tomorrow).

Update: Max weighed 11.46kg, 25lbs2oz (up from 10.55kg, 23lbs2oz from July almost 5 months). Artemis weighed 10.66kg, 23lbs8oz (up from 9.15kg, 20lbs2oz lbs from July, almost 5 months). Max was 33.75" tall (up from 32" in July) and Artemis was 33" tall (up from 31" in July).

Then, we got all dressed up and went for a long walk with the dogs. On our way home we stopped off at Uncle Eric's for coffee and our first taste of chocolate (Artemis is a HUGE fan).

The afternoon was spent de-constructing the living room. The kids did an excellent job (they're naturals). They especially liked it when Ed put a hole in the wall with a hammer (we're having renos done while we're away).

All good things must come to an end (or so they say) and Poppa went home this evening.

We're in the home stretch now and are very very busy. The plan is to head to Toronto on Tuesday.

Check out our other Nipissing Developmental Checklist posts.

Where Has The Past Two Years Gone???

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Packing for Mexico and Max's Last Haircut

We're in the final stages of getting packed up for Mexico. Thankfully, we've had some help with babysitting.

Nanna left on Monday. Max had a cold was sad to see her go.

Poppa arrived on Tuesday and we all went to playgroup and had a great day.

On Thursday, I gave Max his first and last haircut. Seriously. He hated the sound of the scissors and wouldn't stay still. The last cut was, THE LAST CUT. And don't think that I'm letting anyone else cut his hair, EVER.


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